– August 9, 2023 • Site Maintenance

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am the new webmaster of Sweet Mila Kunis! You may recognize me from my time as the webmaster of the site, Mila Kunis Online at the domain, which was online from 2008 until 2014. In fact, I donated much of the content from MKO to GirlJay […]

 – April 28, 2023 • Appearances, Interviews, Stills, Videos

Mila Kunis visited The Late Late Show with James Corden and sat next to Patrick Stewart – as a big fan of Star Trek as she is – to chat with them. Enjoy the HQ stills and a video clip. Public Appearances > Appearances From 2023 > Apr 26 | The Late Late Show With […]

 – April 16, 2023 • Appearances

Mila Kunis first event for this year and I love how elegant yet casual she can look with that outfit. Enjoy the HQ photos and hopefully more will be added to the gallery later! Public Appearances > Appearances From 2023 > Apr 15 | 9th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony

 – April 7, 2023 • Appearances

And we arrive to the events, I added all the missing events Mila Kunis did from 2020-2022. Enjoy! Public Appearances > Appearances From 2020 > May 04 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Public Appearances > Appearances From 2021 > Sep 28 | Grand Opening Of The Lawrence J. Ellison Institute Public Appearances > […]

 – April 6, 2023 • Curb Your Enthusiasm, Screencaps, The Boys, TV Shows

Some screencaptures of Mila Kunis from tv shows and music videos have been added to the gallery. Enjoy! Other Projects > Music Videos > “The Itch” By Vitamin C (2001) Other Projects > Music Videos > “The End Has No End” By The Strokes (2003) Other Projects > Music Videos > “L.A. Girls” By Mams […]

 – April 5, 2023 • Luckiest Girl Alive, Movies, That 90'S Show

First stop to the updating of Sweet Mila Kunis is to focus on her projects, both movies and tv-shows. So I added posters, behinds, stills and captures from all of Mila Kunis projects from 2021 to now. Movie Productions > Featured Films > Four Good Days Movie Productions > Featured Films > Breaking News In […]

 – April 4, 2023 • Site Maintenance

Hello and welcome back to! My name is Claudia and I am the new owner of this fansite. First of all, I would like to thank our previous webmiss and founder for the great opportunity given to me, I have adored Mila for quite a while and, as you can see in the title […]